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The whole story

In march of 2000 the very first molding machine was purchased and setup. 

Let's get things running

Advanced Molding Technologies  started as a custom molder offering  services for companies with hard to process resins and critically dimensional injection molded plastic parts.  It wasn't long before we realized that the customers we were dealing with wanted more.  The need for mold repairs,  modifications and upgrades were very needed,  so we opened our own machine shop in house,  with all the needed equipement.  2004 was the year our very first CNC machine was purchased.  Opening the doors to faster turn around for tooling.  Not long after a second CNC with bigger capabilities rolled in and one month later a even bigger one went to work.  We now run a complete mold making shop producing not only high volume tools but also some prototyping molds made of 7075 aircraft aluminium.  

     Today,  our little family operated molding facility makes it's own molds and produces the plastic parts exactly as per what our customers want,  all under the same roof. 




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